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Lacrosse Girl personalized vinyl decal

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Lacrosse Girl Customized Vinyl wall or car decal

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Product Description offer the highest quality of indoor and outdoor 3mil vinyl decals and stickers with a life of up to 7 years. We have a large variety of colors and sizes suited for application on Walls, Vehicles, Dorm Rooms and Windows. Our products are easily removable from smooth surfaces such as vehicle panels, walls, windows, furniture. If you are looking for something custom, or have a design you would like to speak to us about, ask us a question below. We typically respond within an hour to a few hours of each request. Don’t forget we do any decal custom, if you see a decal and need personalization or something special, we can
help you today and have it in the mail tomorrow !

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1.Hinge Method Application- Apply small amount of Masking Tape to sticker.

Apply a small amount of masking tape to the decal to assist in placement on the wall or vehicle where you want the decal to go.

2. Place your decal on wall or Vehicle.

Position decal on the surface using the piece of masking you have applied in Step 1 to find your position.

3. Tape down the center and remove 1/2 backing paper.

The decal has a top layer of masking material that sandwiches the decal between the backer paper.  Once you have positioned the decal you can remove the 1/2 backer paper.

4. Apply pressure with Plastic card.

Once 1/2 backer paper is removed the decal will be exposed and have the top layer of masking tape that you can use an ATM card, Credit Card or Rigid but flexible card to smooth decal onto surface.

5. Remove 2nd 1/2 of masking tape.

Now your decal is already 1/2 affixed to the surface and will need to have the 2nd 1/2 applied to surface to expose final decal.

6. Decal is now fully applied.

It is normal for your final decal to have some slight air bubbles in them.  DON’T WORRY they will disappear over time and can be removed by using a pin or Exacto blade to pierce the bubble and smooth lightly.

1.Light Heat Removal- Apply small amount of Heat using hairdryer to sticker.

Apply a small amount of heat to the entire decal to assist in the heating of vinyl and glue.  Do not overheat the decal, warm to the touch is fine for decals on the wall or vehicles that you will be removing the decal from.

2. Peal up the edge once you have heated your decal on wall or Vehicle.

Use your finger nail or a small rigid card to lift the edge of the decal from the surface.

3. Pull Decal down at an Extreme angle- close to 180 degrees.

The decal is easiest to remove when an extreme angle is used in the removal process.  The heat has made the glue and vinyl flexible so that the material will peel easily.

4. Go Slow, Keep Angle and Remove decal with hands.

Once the decal is being removed from the wall it will become distorted and unusable.  These decals are not-reusable.

5. Decal is now removed.

Even decals that have been in place for years can be removed with a small amount of heat and some patience with no damage to original surface.

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12″ x 12″, 16″ x 16″, 20″ x 20″, 8″ x 8″, 14″ x 14″, 18″ x 18″, 6″ x “6, 10″ x 10″


Black(flat), Black(gloss), White, Canary Yellow, Sunflower Yellow, Orange, Red-Orange, Red, Pink, Light Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Lime Green, Silver, Gold, Brown